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Floor 7: Bar - Cafe – Breakfast – Office Lunch

Separated café.

Bar on 7th floor offers half-day services:
• Original coffee beans (Grinded on site)
• Fany Ice-cream: Chocolate, mint, strawberry, passion fruit...
• 100% original juice
• Sets of office lunch.
• Reservations for breakfast, lunch and dinner on site (low prices and food safety ensured)
• Hygenic and well-furnished dining space equipped with ceiling mounted air conditioners.





Priority for customers reserving large meals in advance.
Reasonable prices and assured quality



Address: No. 38 Hai Truong Street, Hong Hai Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh [Maps]

Tel/Fax: +84-2033832415; +84-2033820112

Website: khachsanthudoxanh.comEmail: [email protected]